Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin Trailer

Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin Trailer (1937)

18 May 1937 Western 53 mins

Lawyer Bowdre has started a war between the ranchers and the homesteaders planning to take over the homesteaders land when they are wiped out. Rancher Dan Stockton, having just married homesteader Gail Dawson, is caught in the middle. He suspects Bowdre is behind the war and it's not long before he gets a chance to prove it.

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Bob Steele

as Dan Stockton

Louise Stanley

as Gail Dawson Stockton

Karl Hackett

as Gabe Bowdre

Frank LaRue

as Boone Dawson

Frank Ball

as Hub Stockton

Steve Clark

as Rancher Hammond

Lew Meehan

as Henchman Blackie

Frank Ellis

as Homesteader Horner

Steve Clark

as Rancher Hammond


A.W. Hackel

A.W. Hackel Producer

Bert Longenecker

Bert Longenecker Director of Photography

Clifford A. Ruberg

Clifford A. Ruberg Sound Recordist

International Releases Dates

United States 18 May 1937

Production Companies

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