The Prince and the Pauper Trailer

The Prince and the Pauper Trailer (1937)

"Mark Twain's Immortal Classic !" 08 May 1937 Adventure, Fantasy, Drama 118 mins

On the same day two boys are born: the pauper Tom and prince Edward. As a kid, Tom sneaks into the palace garden and meet the prince. They change clothes with each other but the guards discover them and throw out the prince, since they are almost identical. Nobody believe them when they try to tell the truth. Soon after, the old king dies and the prince will inherit the throne.

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Errol Flynn

as Miles Hendon

Claude Rains

as Earl of Hertford

Henry Stephenson

as Duke of Norfolk

Barton MacLane

as John Canty

Billy Mauch

as Tom Canty

Robert J. Mauch

as Prince Edward

Alan Hale

as Captain of the Guard

Eric Portman

as First Lord

Lionel Pape

as Second Lord

Leonard Willey

as Third Lord

Halliwell Hobbes

as Archbishop

Phyllis Barry

as Barmaid

Montagu Love

as Henry VIII

Fritz Leiber

as Father Andrew


Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Original Music Composer

Sol Polito

Sol Polito Director of Photography

Robert M. Haas

Robert M. Haas Art Direction

Milo Anderson

Milo Anderson Costume Design

International Releases Dates

United States 08 May 1937

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