The Shadow Strikes Trailer

The Shadow Strikes Trailer (1937)

"Scourge of the underworld!" 29 October 1937 Mystery 62 mins

Lamont Cranston assumes his secret identity as "The Shadow", to break up an attempted robbery at an attorney's office. When the police search the scene, Cranston must assume the identity of the attorney. Before he can leave, a phone call summons the attorney to the home of Delthern, a wealthy client, who wants a new will drawn up. As Cranston meets with him, Delthern is suddenly shot, and Cranston is quickly caught up in a new mystery.

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Rod La Rocque

as Lamont Granston

Agnes Anderson

as Marcia Delthern

James Blakeley

as Jasper Delthern

Walter McGrail

as Winstead Comstock

William Kellogg

as Humphrey Comstock

Cy Kendall

as Brossett

Kenneth Harlan

as Captain Breen

Norman Ainsley

as Hendricks

John St. Polis

as Caleb Delthern

Wilson Benge

as Wellington

John Carnivale

as Warren Berranger

John Dilson

as Bill Gordan

John Elliott

as Chester Randall

Harry Harvey

as 1st Reporter


Lynn Shores


Al Martin

Al Martin Adaptation

Rex Taylor

Rex Taylor Adaptation

Marcel Le Picard

Marcel Le Picard Cinematography

Marcel Le Picard

Marcel Le Picard Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 29 October 1937

Production Companies

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The Shadow Strikes full hd movie trailer.

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