If I Were King Trailer

If I Were King Trailer (1938)

"His Love-Making was as Dangerous as His Sword-Play" 28 September 1938 Adventure, History 101 mins

In 1463, Paris is besieged by the Duke of Burgundy, arch-rival of the king, who is content to sit tight while the poor starve. But there are traitors in Paris, and King Louis goes undercover to find one, thereby meeting Francois Villon, poet, philosopher and rogue. By chance Villon kills the king's traitor and is ordered to replace him...as Grand Constable of France! But there's a catch.

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Ronald Colman

as François Villon

Basil Rathbone

as King Louis XI

Frances Dee

as Katherine de Vaucelles

Ellen Drew

as Huguette

C.V. France

as Father Villon

Henry Wilcoxon

as Captain of the Watch

Heather Thatcher

as The Queen

Stanley Ridges

as Rene de Montigny

Bruce Lester

as Noel de Jolys

Alma Lloyd

as Colette

Walter Kingsford

as Tristan l'Hermite

Sidney Toler

as Robin Turgis

Colin Tapley

as Jehan Le Loup

Ralph Forbes

as Oliver le Dain

John Miljan

as Thibaut d'Aussigny

William Haade

as Guy Tabarie


Frank Lloyd


Frank Lloyd

Frank Lloyd Producer

Hans Dreier

Hans Dreier Art Direction

John B. Goodman

John B. Goodman Art Direction

A.E. Freudeman

A.E. Freudeman Set Decoration

Edith Head

Edith Head Costume Design

Theodor Sparkuhl

Theodor Sparkuhl Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 28 September 1938

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