Mr. Boggs Steps Out Trailer

Mr. Boggs Steps Out Trailer (1938)

18 February 1938 Comedy, Romance 68 mins

A dull statistician changes his life after winning a pile of money after successfully determining the number of beans in a barrel. He decides to do something novel with the prize and ends up buying a barrel factory. He encounters trouble when the nearby pickle factory is threatened by a shyster attempting to close it.

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Stuart Erwin

as Oliver Boggs

Helen Chandler

as Oleander Tubbs

Toby Wing

as Irene Lee

Tully Marshall

as Morton Ross

Spencer Charters

as Angus Tubbs

Walter Byron

as Dennis Andrews

Harry Tyler

as Sam Mason

Otto Hoffman

as Jenkins

Peter Potter

as Bob DeBrette

Nora Cecil

as Widow Peddie

Elliot Fisher

as Tommy Mason

Eddie Kane

as Theatre Manager

Wilson Benge

as The Butler

Otis Harlan

as Abner Katz

International Releases Dates

United States 18 February 1938

Production Companies

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Mr. Boggs Steps Out (1938) - Comedy

Directed by: Gordon Wiles Oliver Boggs (Stuart Erwin) a typical office drone with no success in sight who can spout statistics about anything and everything ...

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Oliver Boggs a typical office drone with no success in sight who can spout statistics about anything and everything wins $1500 in a bean-guessing contest at ...

MR BOGGS STEPS OUT (1938) Stuart Erwin Helen Chandler

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