Professor Mamlock Trailer

Professor Mamlock Trailer (1938)

04 September 1938 Drama 100 mins

Made in Stalin’s Russia, Professor Mamlock was one of the first films worldwide to tackle Nazi anti-Semitism head-on. Based on a famous play by a German-Jewish exile to Moscow, Friedrich Wolf, and directed by an Austrian-Jewish exile, Herbert Rappaport, the film tells with brutal honesty the story of a Jewish doctor and his family as he becomes a victim of the Nazis’ rise to power in 1930s Germany. Professor Mamlock is not only impressively acted but also beautifully shot—and was a hit with audiences both at home and abroad.

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Vladimir Chestnokov

as Dr. Hellpach


International Releases Dates

Russia 04 September 1938

United States 06 November 1938

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Trailer made by DEFA Film Library at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. PROFESSOR MAMLOCK is now available for purchase: PROFESSOR MAMLOCK Dir. Konrad Wolf...

Профессор Мамлок / Professor Mamlock (1938) фильм смотреть онлайн

Экранизация одноименной пьесы немецкого писателя-антифашиста Фридриха Вольфа о социальном прозрении...

"Professor Mamlock" / "Профессор Мамлок" (1938) (Mamlock's defamation) w/ german subt

Regie: Herbert Rappaport (1938 UdSSR) Кинорежиссёр: Ге́рберт Раппапо́рт (1938 CCCP) "Professor Mamlock" is a cinematic masterpiece shot in 1938 in former

"Professor Mamlock" / "Профессор Мамлок" (1938) (Mamlock's monologue) w/ german subt.

Regie: Herbert Rappaport Кинорежиссёр: Ге́рберт Раппапо́рт "Professor Mamlock" is a cinematic masterpiece shot in 1938 in former Soviet Union by the

bewegende Szene Professor Mamlock

Regie: Konrad Wolf.

"Professor Mamlock" / "Профессор Мамлок" (1938) (Hellpach's Intrigue) w/ german subt.

Regie: Herbert Rappaport Кинорежиссёр: Ге́рберт Раппапо́рт "Professor Mamlock" is a cinematic masterpiece shot in 1938 in former Soviet Union by the

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