5th Ave Girl Trailer

5th Ave Girl Trailer (1939)

"From park bench to parkside mansion in a riot of romantic complications and Hi-Hat Hilarity!" 22 September 1939 Comedy, Romance 83 mins

A wealthy man hires a poor girl to play his mistress in order to get more attention from his neglectful family.

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Ginger Rogers

as Mary Grey

Walter Connolly

as Mr. Borden

Verree Teasdale

as Mrs. Borden

Tim Holt

as Tim Borden

Kathryn Adams

as Katherine Borden

Louis Calhern

as Dr. Kessler

Theodore von Eltz

as Terwilliger

Alexander D'Arcy

as Maitre d'Hotel

Harlan Briggs

as Stanton - Union Representative

Jack Carson

as Minnesota - a Sailor

Mildred Coles

as Katherine's Girlfriend

Herbert Corthell

as Joe - Board Member

Kernan Cripps

as Policeman in Park


Robert De Grasse

Robert De Grasse Director of Photography

Mel Berns

Mel Berns Makeup Artist

International Titles

Fifth Avenue Girl Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 22 September 1939

Production Companies

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