A Girl Must Live Trailer

A Girl Must Live Trailer (1939)

24 September 1939 Drama, Comedy 92 mins

A run-away school-girl falls among chorus girls planning to marry into the nobility.

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Margaret Lockwood

as Leslie James

Renée Houston

as Gloria Lind

Lilli Palmer

as Clytie Devine

George Robey

as Horace Blount

Hugh Sinclair

as Earl of Pangborough

Naunton Wayne

as Hugo Smythe

Moore Marriott

as Bretherton Hythe

Mary Clare

as Mrs. Wallis

David Burns

as Joe Gold

Drusilla Wills

as Miss Polkinghome

Wilson Coleman

as Mr. Joliffe

Helen Haye

as Aunt Primrose

Muriel Aked

as Mme. Dupont, headmistress

Martita Hunt

as Mme. Dupont, assistant


Carol Reed


Jack E. Cox

Jack E. Cox Director of Photography

Alex Vetchinsky

Alex Vetchinsky Art Direction

Bill Salter

Bill Salter Sound Recordist

Louis Levy

Louis Levy Music Director

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 24 September 1939

Production Companies

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