Desperate Trails Trailer

Desperate Trails Trailer (1939)

"A TRIPLE BLAST OF FURY!" 30 September 1939 60 mins

A young boy helps a marshal in his battle against outlaws.

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Johnny Mack Brown

as Steve Hayden

Bob Baker

as Clem Waters

Fuzzy Knight

as Cousin Willie Strong

Frances Robinson

as Judith Lantry

Russell Simpson

as Sheriff Big Bill Tanner

Clarence Wilson

as Malenkthy Culp

Charles Stevens

as Henchman Ortega

Ralph Dunn

as Henchman Lon

Horace Murphy

as Stage Driver Nebraska

Fern Emmett

as Mrs. Plunkett

Ed Cassidy

as Marshal Jim Cort

Anita Camargo

as Rosita

Robert Barron

as Henchman

Roy Bucko

as Townsman

Jim Corey

as Barfly


Albert Ray


International Releases Dates

United States 30 September 1939

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Desperate Trails 1939

Herb Jeffries 'Bronze Buckeroo' actor and singer dies erb Jeffries the jazz singer and actor who performed in a series of all-black Western movies in the 19.

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