Mr. Moto in Danger Island Trailer

Mr. Moto in Danger Island Trailer (1939)

"HUNTED BY THE POLICE!...STALKED BY A KILLER!" 07 April 1939 Drama, Thriller, Crime 64 mins

Danger has a special sparkle when Mr. Moto heads to Puerto Rico to put a stop to the glut of contraband diamonds that are flooding the world's jewel market! But his smuggling investigation quickly turns into a murder mystery when both an undercover government agent and a top political figure wind up dead—and Moto begins to suspect that he is going to need a gem of a plan... to put these crooks on ice!

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Peter Lorre

as Kentaro Moto

Jean Hersholt

as Mr. Sutter

Amanda Duff

as Joan Castle

Warren Hymer

as Twister McGurk

Richard Lane

as Commissioner Gordon

Leon Ames

as Commissioner Madero

Douglass Dumbrille

as Comdr. La Costa

Charles D. Brown

as Capt. Thomas Castle

Paul Harvey

as Gov. John Bentley

Robert Lowery

as Lt. George Bentley

Eddie Marr

as Capt. Dahlen

Harry Woods

as Grant

Willie Best

as Launch Pilot

Ward Bond

as Sailor Sam - Wrestler

Lester Dorr

as Real Ambulance Intern

International Releases Dates

Germany 08 August 1988

United States 07 April 1939

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Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939)

Mr. Moto--supposedly suffering from appendicitis--is kidnapped by villains. But kidnapping Mr. Moto is rarely a wise idea. Please visit my blog at:

Mr Moto in Danger Island - 1939 Peter Lorre

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