The Rains Came Trailer

The Rains Came Trailer (1939)

15 September 1939 Adventure, Drama, Romance 104 mins

Indian aristocrat Rama Safti returns from medical training in the U.S. to give his life to the poor folk of Ranchipur. Lady Edwina and her drunken artist ex-lover Ransome get in the way, but everyone shapes up when faced by plague, earthquakes and flooding.

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Myrna Loy

as Lady Edwina Esketh

Tyrone Power

as Maj. Rama Safti

George Brent

as Tom Ransome

Nigel Bruce

as Lord Albert Esketh

Brenda Joyce

as Fern Simon

Joseph Schildkraut

as Mr. Bannerjee

Mary Nash

as Miss Mac Daid

Jane Darwell

as Aunt Phoebe - Mrs. Smiley

Marjorie Rambeau

as Mrs. Simon

Henry Travers

as Rev. Homer Smiley

H.B. Warner

as Maharajah

Laura Hope Crews

as Lily Hoggett-Egburry

William Royle

as Raschid Ali Khan

C. Montague Shaw

as General Keith

Harry Hayden

as Rev. Elmer Simon


Arthur C. Miller

Arthur C. Miller Director of Photography

William S. Darling

William S. Darling Art Direction

George Dudley

George Dudley Art Direction

Thomas Little

Thomas Little Set Decoration

Gwen Wakeling

Gwen Wakeling Costume Design

Alfred Newman

Original Music Composer

International Releases Dates

United States 15 September 1939

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The Rains Came

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The Rains Came (1939) Brenda Joyce George Brent - Movie Clip

The Rains Came full hd movie trailer.

The Rains Came

The Rains Came full hd movie trailer.

The Rains Came pt 1 Myrna Loy Tyrone Power.

The Rains Came full hd movie trailer.

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