Bowery Blitzkrieg Trailer

Bowery Blitzkrieg Trailer (1941)

01 August 1941 Drama, Comedy, Crime 62 mins

The East Side Kids discover that one of their own, Danny, is torn between staying and school and becoming a boxer, and is getting mixed up with gangsters.

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Leo Gorcey

as Muggs McGinnis

Bobby Jordan

as Danny Breslin

Huntz Hall

as Limpy

Keye Luke

as Clancy

Warren Hull

as Officer Tom Brady

Charlotte Henry

as Mary Breslin

Bobby Stone

as Monk Martin

Donald Haines

as Skinny

David Gorcey

as PeeWee

Martha Wentworth

as Mrs. Brady

Jack Mulhall

as Officer Nick Sherrill

Dennis Moore

as Dorgan

Tony Carson

as Dutch

Pat Costello

as Trainer

Dick Ryan

as Police Lieutenant


Wallace Fox


Sam Katzman

Sam Katzman Producer

Pete Mayer

Pete Mayer Producer

Marcel Le Picard

Marcel Le Picard Cinematography

Fred Preble

Fred Preble Set Decoration

Ed W. Rote

Ed W. Rote Production Manager

Arthur Hammond

Arthur Hammond Second Unit

Harry M. Slott

Harry M. Slott Second Unit

Glen Glenn

Glen Glenn Sound Recordist

Glen Glenn

Glen Glenn Sound Engineer

Johnny Lange

Johnny Lange Music Director

International Titles

Stand and Deliver Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 01 August 1941

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Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) - Full Movie

While a cop steers a kid street-fighter away from being a public nuisance a petty hoodlum leads a studious kid into a life of crime. Director: Wallace Fox Writers: Brendan Wood (story


dead end kids aka east side kids aka bowery boysone of the 1st juvenile delinquent mobs on the screensnotty street-wise granddaddies of punk rock.

Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) - Comedy

Directed by: Wallace Fox The East Side Kids discover that one of their own Danny is torn between staying and school and becoming a boxer and is getting mixed up with gangsters. Runtime:...

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The East Side Kids. The kids discover that one of their own Danny is torn between staying and school and becoming a boxer and is getting mixed up with gangsters.

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The East Side Kids. The kids discover that one of their own Danny is torn between staying and school and becoming a boxer and is getting mixed up with gangsters.

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The East Side Kids. The kids discover that one of their own Danny is torn between staying and school and becoming a boxer and is getting mixed up with gangsters.

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