Life Begins for Andy Hardy Trailer

Life Begins for Andy Hardy Trailer (1941)

"Mickey woos! Judy sings! Best Hardy hit yet!" 15 August 1941 Comedy, Romance 101 mins

With his high school graduation behind him, Andy Hardy decides that as an adult, it's time to start living his life. Judge Hardy had hoped that his son would go to college and study law, but Andy isn't sure that's what he wants to do so he heads off to New York City to find a job. Too proud to accept any help from Betsy Booth, Andy finds that living on his own isn't so easy. With perseverance he eventually finds a job and even gets to date the pretty receptionist in his office. He also has to face several of life's lessons leading him to conclude that he may still have a bit of growing up to do.

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Lewis Stone

as Judge James K. 'Jim' Hardy

Mickey Rooney

as Andrew 'Andy' Hardy

Fay Holden

as Mrs. Emily Hardy

Ann Rutherford

as Polly Benedict

Sara Haden

as Aunt Milly Forrest

Patricia Dane

as Jennitt Hicks

Ray McDonald

as Jimmy Frobisher

Judy Garland

as Miss Betsy Booth

International Releases Dates

United States 15 August 1941

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