Saddle Mountain Roundup Trailer

Saddle Mountain Roundup Trailer (1941)

"It's a six-gun three riotous rangebusters spit lead at western outlaws!" 29 August 1941 Western 59 mins

Someone wants to kill Magpie Harper. Crash and Dusty arrive too late, Magpie Harper is allready dead.

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Ray Corrigan

as Crash Corrigan

John 'Dusty' King

as Dusty King

Max Terhune

as Alibi Terhune

Lita Conway

as Nancy Henderson


as Elmer - Alibi's Dummy

Jack Mulhall

as Freeman

Willie Fung

as Fang Way

John Elliott

as 'Magpie' Harper

Jack Holmes

as Sheriff

Steve Clark

as Henderson

Harold Goodman

as Cousin Harold

Al Ferguson

as Henchman

Jack Hendricks

as Ranch Hand Red

Tex Palmer

as Henchman

International Releases Dates

United States 29 August 1941

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