The Case of the Black Parrot Trailer

The Case of the Black Parrot Trailer (1941)

"CABINET OF DEATH! Each secret compartment carried the names of one DIE!" 08 August 1941 Drama, Crime 60 mins

Sandy Vantine and her uncle, Paul Vantine, return from Europe with an antique cabinet purchased during their trip. Jim Moore, a reporter who had met Sandy and fallen for her during the voyage, suspects something odd about the cabinet. His suspicions are confirmed when people who have touched the cabinet mysteriously die. Jim and Sandy set out to solve the mystery before anyone else can become a victim.

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William Lundigan

as Jim Moore

Maris Wrixon

as Sandy Vantine

Eddie Foy Jr.

as Tripod Daniels

Paul Cavanagh

as Max Armand

Luli Deste

as Madame de Charriere

Charles D. Waldron

as Paul Vantine

Joseph Crehan

as Inspector Grady

Emory Parnell

as Simmonds

Ernie Stanton

as Colonel Piggott

Cliff Saum

as Morel

Kenneth Harlan

as Ship's officer

Jack Mower

as Manager

William Hopper

as Second Mate


Ted D. McCord

Ted D. McCord Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States Minor Outlying Islands 08 August 1941

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