The Strawberry Blonde Trailer

The Strawberry Blonde Trailer (1941)

"Wanting what others have can only be destructive, or is it?" 22 February 1941 Comedy, Romance 97 mins

Biff Grimes is desperately in love with Virginia, but his best friend Hugo marries her and manipulates Biff into becoming involved in his somewhat nefarious businesses. Hugo appears to have stolen Biff's dreams, and Biff has to deal with the realisation that having what he wants and wanting what another has can be very different things.

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James Cagney

as T. L. "Biff" Grimes

Rita Hayworth

as Virginia Brush

Jack Carson

as Hugo Barnstead

Alan Hale

as Old Man Grimes

George Tobias

as Nicholas Pappalas

Una O'Connor

as Mrs. Mulcahey

George Reeves

as Harold

Lucile Fairbanks

as Harold's Girl Friend

Herbert Anderson

as Girl-Chaser in Park (uncredited)

Frank Mayo

as Policeman (uncredited)

Susan Peters

as Girl (uncredited)


Raoul Walsh


James Hagan

James Hagan Theatre Play

Heinz Roemheld

Original Music Composer

James Wong Howe

James Wong Howe Director of Photography

Hal B. Wallis

Hal B. Wallis Executive Producer

William Cagney

William Cagney Associate Producer

Robert M. Haas

Robert M. Haas Art Direction


Orry-Kelly Costume Design

International Titles

Die Tizianblonde Trailer

Rotblond ist Trumpf Trailer

La blonde framboise Trailer

Strawberry Blonde Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 22 February 1941

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The Strawberry Blonde (1941) dir. Raoul Walsh.

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THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE (1941) Amy Lind: This time of night things seem still and quiet don't they? .. Soon the fall will be here. Trees will get bare.

The Strawberry Blonde

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The Strawberry Blonde

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Directed by Raoul Walsh Starring: James Cagney Olivia de Havilland and Rita Hayworth.

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