The Major and the Minor Trailer

The Major and the Minor Trailer (1942)

"Is she a kid - or is she kidding?" 16 September 1942 Comedy, Romance 100 mins

Susan Applegate, tired of New York after one year and 25 jobs, decides to return to her home town. Discovering she hasn't enough money for the train fare, Susan disguises herself as a 12-year-old and travels for half the price. Caught out by the conductors, she hides in the compartment of Major Philip Kirby, a military school instructor who takes the "child" under his wing.

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Ginger Rogers

as Susan Applegate

Ray Milland

as Major Kirby

Rita Johnson

as Pamela Hill

Robert Benchley

as Mr. Osborne

Diana Lynn

as Lucy Hill

Frankie Thomas

as Cadet Osborne

Raymond Roe

as Cadet Wigton

Norma Varden

as Mrs. Osborne

Lela Rogers

as Mrs. Applegate

Charles Smith

as First cadet manning switchboard

Larry Nunn

as Cadet Babcock

Billy Dawson

as Cadet Miller

Edward Fielding

as Col. Hill

Tom Dugan

as Con man at train station

Will Wright

as Train station agent

Aldrich Bowker

as Rev. Doyle


Robert Emmett Dolan

Original Music Composer

Roland Anderson

Roland Anderson Art Direction

Hans Dreier

Hans Dreier Art Direction

Edith Head

Edith Head Costume Design

Leo Tover

Leo Tover Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 16 September 1942

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