In the Meantime, Darling Trailer

In the Meantime, Darling Trailer (1944)

"A gay and tender story of G.I. love!" 22 September 1944 Comedy, War 72 mins

A young bride who comes from a rich family has a hard time adjusting to life in a boarding house with other soldiers and their wives. Her spoiled ways cause resentment from the other wives and problems with her husband.

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Jeanne Crain

as Margaret 'Maggie' Preston

Frank Latimore

as Lt. Daniel Ferguson

Eugene Pallette

as Henry B. Preston

Mary Nash

as Mrs. Vera Preston

Stanley Prager

as Philip "Red" Pianatowski

Gale Robbins

as Shirley Pianatowski

Jane Randolph

as Mrs. Jerry Armstrong

Cara Williams

as Ruby Mae Sayre

Heather Angel

as Mrs. Nelson

Elisabeth Risdon

as Helen Corkery

Cliff Clark

as Corkery

Lillian Bronson

as Mrs, Dalrymple

Paul Harvey

as General Garnett

Frank Wilcox

as MacAndrews

Olin Howland

as Moorehousse


International Releases Dates

United States 22 September 1944

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"IN THE MEANTIME DARLING" Jean Crain Frank Ladimore Eugene Pallette Gale Robbins. 9-22-1944.

"IN THE MEANTIME DARLING" (Plot Summary) A young bride who comes from a rich family has a hard time adjusting to life in a boarding house with other ...

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