Fallen Angel Trailer

Fallen Angel Trailer (1945)

"The creator of "Laura" does it again!" 07 November 1945 Crime, Mystery, Romance 98 mins

Otto Preminger's classic film noir offering captures the common postwar struggle to get ahead, and one man's balancing act between two women. Dana Andrews stars as a drifter named Eric Stanton, who, after landing in a small California town, falls in love with Stella (Linda Darnell), a diner waitress. She makes it clear that she'll have nothing to do with Eric unless he has some money, so he hatches a plan to marry June Mills (Alice Faye), a wealthy reclusive spinster who is in love with him. Unfortunately, right after the wedding, Stella turns up dead, and the blame is placed on Eric.

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Alice Faye

as June Mills

Dana Andrews

as Eric Stanton

Linda Darnell

as Stella

Charles Bickford

as Mark Judd

Anne Revere

as Clara Mills

Bruce Cabot

as Dave Atkins

John Carradine

as Professor Madley

Dorothy Adams

as Stella's downstairs neighbor (uncredited)

Olin Howland

as Joe Ellis

Matthew 'Stymie' Beard

as Shoeshine Boy (uncredited)

Jimmy Conlin

as Hotel desk clerk

Dorothy Adams

as Stella's downstairs neighbor

Jimmy Conlin

as Walton Hotel Clerk (uncredited)

Olin Howland

as Joe Ellis (uncredited)

Franklyn Farnum

as Man Leaving Drugstore (uncredited)


David Raksin

Original Music Composer

Joseph LaShelle

Joseph LaShelle Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Spain 03 March 1947

United Kingdom 07 November 1945

United States 07 November 1945

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