A Night in Casablanca Trailer

A Night in Casablanca Trailer (1946)

"A story with a twist -- and she's in it." 10 May 1946 Comedy 85 mins

The Marx Brothers are employed at a hotel in postwar Casablanca, where a ring of Nazis is trying to recover a cache of stolen treasure.

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Groucho Marx

as Ronald Kornblow

Harpo Marx

as Rusty

Chico Marx

as Corbaccio

Charles Drake

as Lt. Pierre Delmar

Lois Collier

as Annette

Sig Ruman

as Count Pfefferman / Heinrich Stubel

Sig Ruman

as Count Pfferman / Heinrich Stubel

Lisette Verea

as Beatrice Rheiner

Lewis L. Russell

as Governor (as Lewis Russell)

Lewis L. Russell

as Governor

Dan Seymour

as Prefect of Police

Paul Harvey

as Mr. Smythe

Ruth Roman

as Harem Girl (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey

as Military Man in Restaurant


Archie Mayo


Duncan Cramer

Duncan Cramer Production Design

Edward G. Boyle

Edward G. Boyle Set Decoration

Frank Webster

Frank Webster Sound Director

Joe C. Gilpin

Joe C. Gilpin Executive Producer

James Van Trees

James Van Trees Director of Photography

International Titles

Die Marx Brothers: Eine Nacht in Casablanca Trailer

Eine Nacht in Casablanca Trailer

Marx Brothers - Eine Nacht in Casablanca Trailer

Una noche en Casablanca Trailer

Una notte a Casablanca Trailer

Marx Brothers [1946] A Night in Casablanca Trailer

International Releases Dates

Sweden 12 October 1946

United States 10 May 1946

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