Campeón sin corona Trailer

Campeón sin corona Trailer (1946)

05 September 1946 Drama, Action 111 mins

A young ice cream vendor, Roberto Terranova, witnesses a child being beaten and comes to his aid by physically overpowering the aggressor. His strength and natural ability catches the eye of a well-known boxing trainer. Considering him a diamond in the rough, he aims to put Roberto in the professional ring. But Roberto finds that his personal challenges must be overcome before he can achieve professional greatness.

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David Silva

as Roberto 'Kid' Terranova

Fernando Soto

as El Chupa

Fernando Soto

as El chupa (as Fernando Soto 'Mantequilla')

Nelly Montiel

as Susana

Víctor Parra

as Joe Ronda

María Gentil Arcos

as Doña Gracia, Madre de Roberto (as Ma. Gentil Arcos)

Pepe del Río

as Juan Zubieta

Aurora Cortés

as Anastacia

José Pardavé

as Amigo de Roberto

Salvador Quiroz

as Presidente de la comisión de boxeo

Alberto Catalá

as Second (as Ernesto Catala)

Roberto Cañedo

as Ordoñez

Antonio Padilla 'Pícoro'

as Presentador de peleas (as el Picoro)


Domingo Carrillo

Domingo Carrillo Director of Photography

Domingo Carrillo

Domingo Carrillo Cinematography

Rosalío Ramírez

Original Music Composer

Gunther Gerszo

Gunther Gerszo Production Design

International Releases Dates

Mexico 05 September 1946

Production Companies

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