Humoresque Trailer

Humoresque Trailer (1946)

"TWO WHO MET AND KISSED AND NEVER SHOULD HAVE MET AGAIN!" 25 September 1946 Drama, Music 125 mins

A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy, neurotic socialite.

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Joan Crawford

as Mrs. Helen Wright

John Garfield

as Paul Boray

Oscar Levant

as Sid Jeffers

J. Carrol Naish

as Papa Rudy Boray

Joan Chandler

as Gina Romney

Tom D'Andrea

as Phil Boray

Peggy Knudsen

as Florence Boray

Ruth Nelson

as Mama Esther Boray

Craig Stevens

as Monte Loeffler

Paul Cavanagh

as Mr. Victor Wright

Richard Gaines

as Bauer - Paul's 1st producer

John Abbott

as Rozner - conducts Nat.Inst.Orch.

Robert Blake

as Paul Boray - child

Robert Blake

as Paul Boray - child (as Bobby Blake)

Tommy Cook

as Phil Boray - child

Don McGuire

as Teddy #2 - Prop. of Teddy's Bar


Ernest Haller

Ernest Haller Director of Photography

Franz Waxman

Original Music Composer

International Releases Dates

United States 25 September 1946

Production Companies

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