Song of the South Trailer

Song of the South Trailer (1946)

"Here Comes The Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Show!" 12 November 1946 Animated, Music, Family 91 mins

Uncle Remus draws upon his tales of Brer Rabbit to help little Johnny deal with his confusion over his parents' separation as well as his new life on the plantation.

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Johnny Lee

as Br'er Rabbit

James Baskett

as Uncle Remus / Br'er Fox (Voice)

Nick Stewart

as Br'er Bear

James Baskett

as Uncle Remus / Br'er Fox

Lucile Watson

as Grandmother

Hattie McDaniel

as Aunt Tempy

Erik Rolf

as John (as Eric Rolf)

Erik Rolf

as John

Mary Field

as Mrs. Favers

Georgie Nokes

as Jake Favers

Georgie Nokes

as Jake Favers (as George Nokes)

International Titles

A Canção do Sul Trailer

Onkel Remus' Wunderland Trailer

La canción del Sur Trailer

Mélodie du Sud Trailer

I Racconti Dello Zio Tom Trailer

Walt Disney's Song of the South Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 15 May 1947

United Kingdom 01 December 1946

United States 12 November 1946

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