The Stranger Trailer

The Stranger Trailer (1946)

"The Most Deceitful Man A Woman Ever Loved !" 25 May 1946 Drama, Thriller, Crime 96 mins

Wilson of the War Crimes Commission is seeking Franz Kindler, mastermind of the Holocaust, who has effectively erased his identity. Wilson releases Kindler's former comrade Meinike and follows him to Harper, Connecticut, where he is killed before he can identify Kindler. Now Wilson's only clue is Kindler's fascination with antique clocks; but, though Kindler seems secure in his new identity, he feels his past closing in.

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Edward G. Robinson

as Federal Agent Wilson

Loretta Young

as Mary Longstreet

Orson Welles

as Charles Rankin

Philip Merivale

as Judge Adam Longstreet

Richard Long

as Noah Longstreet

Konstantin Shayne

as Konrad Meinike

Byron Keith

as Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence

Billy House

as Mr. Potter


Russell Metty

Russell Metty Director of Photography

Victor Trivas

Victor Trivas Original Story

Perry Ferguson

Perry Ferguson Production Design

Gladys Hill

Gladys Hill Dialogue

Bob Cowan

Bob Cowan Makeup Artist

Corson Jowett

Corson Jowett Sound Editor

Arthur Johns

Arthur Johns Sound Director

International Titles

O Estranho Trailer

Die Spur des Fremden Trailer

Die Spur eines Fremden Trailer

Spur des Fremden Trailer

El extraño Trailer

El extranjero Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 25 May 1946

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Trailer for The Stranger

The Stranger full hd movie trailer.

Trailer "The Stranger" (1946) de Orson Welles

Trailer de la pelicula "The Stranger" (1946) de Orson Welles

The Stranger (1946) Ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι

Υποψήφια για 1 Oscar. Ένας ερευνητής από την επιτροπή εγκλημάτων πολέμου ταξιδεύει στο Κονέκτικατ για να βρει...

The Stranger (1946) Orson Welles Edward G. Robinson Loretta Young. Film Noir

An investigator from the War Crimes Commission travels to Connecticut to find an infamous Nazi.

The Stranger Trailer (1946)

Set Connecticut after World War II The Stranger is a cat and mouse game between Wilson (Edward G. Robinson) a member of the Allied War Crimes ...

The Stranger 1946 trailer

The Stranger full hd movie trailer.

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