Song of the Thin Man Trailer

Song of the Thin Man Trailer (1947)

"WILLIAM POWELL and MYRNA LOY and me too. We're all together again in a NEW MGM mystery comedy!" 28 August 1947 Drama, Comedy, Thriller 86 mins

Nick and Nora investigate a murder on a gambling cruise.

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William Powell

as Nick Charles

Myrna Loy

as Nora Charles

Keenan Wynn

as Clarence 'Clinker' Krause

Dean Stockwell

as Nick Charles Jr.

Phillip Reed

as Tommy Edlon Drake

Patricia Morison

as Phyllis Talbin

Leon Ames

as Mitchell Talbin

Gloria Grahame

as Fran Ledue Page

Jayne Meadows

as Janet Thayar

Ralph Morgan

as David I. Thayar

Bess Flowers

as Jessica Thayar

Marie Windsor

as Helen Amboy

Don Taylor

as Buddy Hollis

Warner Anderson

as Dr. Monolaw

Bruce Cowling

as Phil Orval Brant


James O'Hanlon

James O'Hanlon Additional Dialogue

Harry Crane

Harry Crane Additional Dialogue

Charles Rosher

Charles Rosher Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Germany 01 January 1947

United States 28 August 1947

Production Companies

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Song of the Thin Man - Trailer

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Song of the Thin Man (1947)

A scene from Song of the Thin Man the last film in which William Powell and Myrna Loy played Nick and Nora Charles. The weakest of the 6 films it still has its ...

Song of the Thin Man

Nick and Nora didn't get their Night Sleep.

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