A-Haunting We Will Go Trailer

A-Haunting We Will Go Trailer (1949)

"Casper The Friendly Ghost" 04 May 1949 6 mins

Casper the Friendly Ghost, sad that he can make no friends since everyone he meets is afraid of him, hatches an abandoned egg and becomes the emerging little duck's best friend and protector.

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Mae Questel

as Casper / Ghost Teacher

Jack Mercer

as Turtle / Hunter


International Releases Dates

Italy 04 May 1949

United States 13 May 1949

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A Haunting We Will Go 1949

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Cartoon For Kids - Casper - A Haunting We Will Go

Storyline: Casper the Friendly Ghost sad that he can make no friends since everyone he meets is afraid of him hatches an abandoned egg and becomes the emerging little duck's best friend

Opening To Casper:A Haunting We Will Go 2006 DVD

Here Is The Opening To Casper:A Haunting We Will Go 2006 DVD And Here Are The Order: Screen Entertainment Logo Factory Logo Menu Credits To A

Casper the Friendly Ghost A Haunting We Will Go Classic Cartoon

A-Haunting We Will Go full hd movie trailer.

Casper in A Haunting We Will Go

Casper the friendly Ghost finds a duckling friend.

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