Adventure in Baltimore Trailer

Adventure in Baltimore Trailer (1949)

"What Happened in the Greenhouse?" 19 April 1949 Comedy, Romance, Family 89 mins

Dinah Sheldon is a student at an exclusive girl's school who starts campaigning for women's rights. Her minister father and her boyfriend Tom Wade do not approve.

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Shirley Temple

as Dinah Sheldon

Robert Young

as Dr. Andrew Sheldon

John Agar

as Tom Wade

Albert Sharpe

as Dan Fletcher

Josephine Hutchinson

as Mrs. Lilly Sheldon

Charles Kemper

as Mr. Steuben

Johnny Sands

as Gene Sheldon

John Miljan

as Mr. Eckert

Norma Varden

as Helen Hadley Hamilton

Carol Brannon

as Bernice Eckert

Charles Smith

as Fred Beehouse

Josephine Whittell

as Mrs. Eckert

Patti Brady

as Sis Sheldon

Gregory Marshall

as Mark Sheldon

Patsy Creighton

as Sally Wilson


Robert De Grasse

Robert De Grasse Cinematography

Jack Okey

Jack Okey Art Direction

Robert De Grasse

Robert De Grasse Director of Photography

Friedrich Hollaender

Original Music Composer

Darrell Silvera

Darrell Silvera Set Decoration

Maurice Yates

Maurice Yates Set Decoration

Edward Stevenson

Edward Stevenson Costume Design

Edward Killy

Edward Killy Production Manager

International Titles

Bachelor Bait Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 19 April 1949

Production Companies

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Adventure in Baltimore (Preview Clip)

A genteel ladies' art institute is definitely no place for a free thinker. So the school boots independent-minded Dinah Sheldon (Shirley Temple) back to Baltimore.

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