The Perfect Woman Trailer

The Perfect Woman Trailer (1949)

23 May 1949 Comedy, Sci-Fi 89 mins

In need of cash, Roger Cavendish and his valet take a job escorting the perfect woman for a night on the town. She is in fact the robotic creation of Professor Belman, but it turns out rather to be the Professor's niece Penelope doing a pretty good imitation of the perfect Olga who winds up with them in the bridal suite at the Hotel Splendide.

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Patricia Roc

as Penelope Belman

Stanley Holloway

as Ramshead

Nigel Patrick

as Roger Cavendish

Miles Malleson

as Prof. Ernest Belman

Irene Handl

as Mrs. Butters

Anita Sharp-Bolster

as Lady Diana

Fred Berger

as Farini


Arthur Wilkinson

Original Music Composer

Jack Hildyard

Jack Hildyard Director of Photography

Herbert Smith

Herbert Smith Production Manager

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 23 May 1949

United States 01 April 1950

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The Perfect Woman full hd movie trailer.

The perfect woman 1949

In need of cash Roger Cavendish and his valet take a job escorting the perfect woman for a night on the town she is in fact the robotic creation of professor belman.

The Perfect Woman trailer

The trailer for the short satirical film The Perfect Woman. A man taking part in a laboratory experiment is seduced by a very realistic android.

Robot Women - The perfect Woman(keep your mouth shut)

A sitcom clip showing the relationship between an (acting) female robot and a male counterpart. Various stereotypical remarks are made and the man plays with the idea of the perfect woman.

The Perfect Woman "English Movie"

The Perfect Woman full hd movie trailer.


This short film was made for my final major project in College. It is based on the short story of the same name by Matthew Trask. Written by & Cinematography by Matthew Trask Directed

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