Harvey Trailer

Harvey Trailer (1950)

"The Wonderful Pulitzer Prize Play... becomes one of the Great Motion Pictures of our Time!" 13 October 1950 Drama, Comedy 104 mins

The classic stage hit gets the Hollywood treatment in the story of Elwood P. Dowd who makes friends with a spirit taking the form of a human-sized rabbit named Harvey that only he sees (and a few privileged others on occasion also.) After his sister tries to commit him to a mental institution, a comedy of errors ensues. Elwood and Harvey become the catalysts for a family mending its wounds and for romance blossoming in unexpected places.

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James Stewart

as Elwood P. Dowd

Josephine Hull

as Veta Louise Simmons

Peggy Dow

as Miss Kelly

Charles Drake

as Dr. Sanderson

Cecil Kellaway

as Dr. Chumley

Victoria Horne

as Myrtle Mae Simmons

Jesse White

as Wilson - sanitarium orderly

William H. Lynn

as Judge Gaffney

William H. Lynn

as Judge Gaffney (as William Lynn)

Wallace Ford

as Cabbie Lofgren

Nana Bryant

as Mrs. Hazel Chumley

Grayce Mills

as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet

Grayce Mills

as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet (as Grace Mills)

Clem Bevans

as Herman - Sanitarium gatekeeper


as Himself

Fess Parker

as Voice of Leslie the Chauffeur (uncredited)


Mary Chase

Mary Chase Theatre Play

William H. Daniels

William H. Daniels Director of Photography

John Beck

John Beck Producer

Bernard Herzbrun

Bernard Herzbrun Art Direction

Nathan H. Juran

Nathan H. Juran Art Direction

Russell A. Gausman

Russell A. Gausman Set Decoration

Julia Heron

Julia Heron Set Decoration


Orry-Kelly Costume Design

Joan St. Oegger

Joan St. Oegger Hairstylist

Bud Westmore

Bud Westmore Makeup Artist

International Titles

Mein Freund Harvey Trailer

Харви Trailer

Meu Amigo Harvey Trailer

哈维 Trailer

迷离世界 Trailer

El invisible Harvey Trailer

Ystäväni Harvey Trailer

Χάρβεϊ Trailer

Barátom, Harvey Trailer

Min vän Harvey Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 04 December 1950

Germany 02 August 1951

Denmark 01 June 1951

Finland 03 May 1951

Sweden 27 March 1951

United States 13 October 1950

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Harvey Trailer

Trailer for the 1950 film "Harvey"

Harvey Official Trailer #1 - James Stewart Movie (1950) HD

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Harvey 1950 Full Movie

Harvey full hd movie trailer.


Movie trailer of my favorite movies.

Harvey 1950 James Stewart

Elwood (and his friend Harvey) is taken to a psychiatry.

Harvey (1950)

One of the many quotable lines from the classic film Harvey.

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