Los Olvidados Trailer

Los Olvidados Trailer (1950)

"A Motion Picture Masterpiece From Mexico" 09 November 1950 Drama, Crime 85 mins

A group of juvenile delinquents live a violent and crime-filled life in the festering slums of Mexico City, and the morals of young Pedro are gradually corrupted and destroyed by the others...

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Estela Inda

as La madre de Pedro

Miguel Inclán

as Don Carmelo, el ciego

Roberto Cobo

as El Jaibo

Francisco Jambrina

as El director de la escuela granja

Jesús García

as El padre de Julián

Efraín Arauz

as Cacarizo

Sergio Virel

as Miembro pandilla

Ernesto Alonso

as La voz al comienzo de la película (uncredited)

Victorio Blanco

as Vagabundo (uncredited)

Lupe Carriles

as Doña Rufinita, vecina (uncredited)

Enedina Díaz de León

as Tortillera (uncredited)


Rodolfo Halffter

Original Music Composer

Gustavo Pittaluga

Original Music Composer

Gabriel Figueroa

Gabriel Figueroa Director of Photography

Edward Fitzgerald

Edward Fitzgerald Production Design

William W. Claridge

William W. Claridge Art Direction

Armando Meyer

Armando Meyer Makeup Artist

Federico Amérigo

Federico Amérigo Production Manager

Ignacio Villareal

Ignacio Villareal Assistant Director

José B. Carles

José B. Carles Sound Recordist

International Titles

Medelijden met hen Trailer

Забравените Trailer

Os Esquecidos Trailer

Die Vergessenen Trailer

Fortabt ungdom Trailer

Los Olvidados - säälikää heitä Trailer

Xehasmenoi apo tin koinonia Trailer

Elhagyottak Trailer

I figli della violenza Trailer

Zapomniani Trailer

Zaboravljeni Trailer

Забытые Trailer

Gatans desperados Trailer

The Forgotten Ones Trailer

The Young and the Damned Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 23 August 1951

Australia 03 June 1959

Germany 13 November 1953

Denmark 21 August 1952

Finland 16 November 1962

France 14 November 1951

Mexico 09 November 1950

Sweden 16 March 1953

United States 09 December 1950

Production Companies

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