Louisa Trailer

Louisa Trailer (1950)

31 May 1950 Comedy 90 mins

Architect Ronald Reagan and wife Ruth Hussey invite his widowed mother (Spring Byington) to move in with them, only to discover the sweet elderly lady is romantically involved with what seems to be every old coot in town. This breezy 1950 comedy, directed by Alexander Hall, also features Charles Coburn, Edmund Gwenn, Piper Laurie, Scotty Beckett and Connie Gilchrist.

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Ronald Reagan

as Hal Norton

Spring Byington

as Louisa Norton

Edmund Gwenn

as Henry Hammond

Ruth Hussey

as Meg Norton

Charles Coburn

as Abel Burnside

Piper Laurie

as Cathy Norton

Scotty Beckett

as Jimmy Blake

Jimmy Hunt

as Chris Norton

Connie Gilchrist

as Housekeeper Gladys

Willard Waterman

as Dick Stewart

Marjorie Crossland

as Lil Stewart

Martin Milner

as Bob Stewart

Terry Frost

as Stacy Walker - Square Dance Caller

Dave Willock

as Joe Collins - Cab Driver

Laura K. Brooks

as Clubwoman

Ralph Brooks

as Square Dance Attendee

International Releases Dates

United States 31 May 1950

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Louisa (1950)

Ronald Reagan ... Harold 'Hal' Norton Charles Coburn ... Abel Burnside Ruth Hussey ... Meg Norton Edmund Gwenn ... Henry Hammond Spring Byington .

Louisa 1950 - Ronald Reagan - Charles Coburn - Spring Byington

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Louisa Trailer

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