The Fall of Berlin Trailer

The Fall of Berlin Trailer (1950)

06 June 1950 Drama, War 167 mins

Surrounded by a few party officials, Alexei Ivanov, a stakhanovist smelter, is decorated by Stalin. The "Little Father of the Peoples" takes this opportunity to invoke threats of war.... One day, war indeed breaks out. Bombs fall on the field where Alexei finds himself in the company of the schoolmistress Natacha, his fiancée. Alexei joins the Red Army and soon becomes a sergeant. Fighting rages and German troops advance. Natacha is arrested and deported. But the tide turns decisively with the German defeat at Stalingrad. Now the major offensive against Hitler can begin.

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Mikheil Gelovani

as Marshal Iosef Visarionovic Stalin

Boris Andreyev

as Alexei Ivanov nicknamed Aliocha

Aleksei Gribov

as Party official

Maksim Shtraukh

as Party official


International Titles

The Fall of Berlin Trailer

Padeniye Berlina Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 06 June 1950

United States 11 November 1950

Production Companies

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