I'd Climb the Highest Mountain Trailer

I'd Climb the Highest Mountain Trailer (1951)

17 February 1951 Drama, Romance 88 mins

The Story of a Methodist minister called to a north-Georgia mountain community at the turn of the century. From the biographical book by Corra Harris.

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Susan Hayward

as Mary Elizabeth Eden Thompson

William Lundigan

as Rev. William Asbury Thompson

Rory Calhoun

as Jack Stark

Barbara Bates

as Jenny Brock

Gene Lockhart

as Jeff Brock

Lynn Bari

as Mrs. Billywith

Ruth Donnelly

as Glory White

Kathleen Lockhart

as Mrs. Brock

Alexander Knox

as Tom Salter

Jean Inness

as Mrs. Salter

Frank Tweddell

as Dr. Fleming


Lamar Trotti

Lamar Trotti Adaptation

Henry King


Sol Kaplan

Original Music Composer

Edward Cronjager

Edward Cronjager Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 17 February 1951

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