The African Queen Trailer

The African Queen Trailer (1951)

"The greatest adventure a man ever lived...with a woman!" 03 December 1951 Adventure, Drama, Action 105 mins

At the start of the first World War, in the middle of Africa’s nowhere, a gin soaked riverboat captain is persuaded by a strong-willed missionary to go down river and face-off a German warship.

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Humphrey Bogart

as Charlie Allnut

Katharine Hepburn

as Rose Sayer

Robert Morley

as Rev. Samuel Sayer

Peter Bull

as Captain of Louisa

Theodore Bikel

as First Officer

Walter Gotell

as Second Officer

Peter Swanwick

as First Officer of Shona

Richard Marner

as Second Officer of Shona


John Huston


Sam Spiegel

Sam Spiegel Producer

John Woolf

John Woolf Producer

Allan Gray

Original Music Composer

Allan Gray

Original Music Composer

Jack Cardiff

Jack Cardiff Director of Photography

International Titles

La reina d'Àfrica Trailer

A Rainha Africana Trailer

东非狂暴记 Trailer

非洲皇后号 Trailer

African Queen - Schicksal am Olanga-Fluß Trailer

Afrikas dronning Trailer

La Reina de África Trailer

La reine africaine Trailer

Afrikadronningen Trailer

非洲女王號 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 18 August 1958

United Kingdom 03 December 1951

United States 23 December 1951

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The African Queen (1951) Trailer

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