Appointment in London Trailer

Appointment in London Trailer (1953)

17 February 1953 Drama, War 96 mins

Wing-commander Tim Mason leads a squadron of Lancaster bombers on almost nightly raids from England. Having flown eighty-seven missions he will shortly be retiring from flying, but the strain is showing. He tries to make sure his men concentrate only on their job and so keeps women away from the base, but then he himself meets naval officer Eve Canyon.

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Dirk Bogarde

as Wing-Commander Tim Mason

Dinah Sheridan

as Eve Canyon

Ian Hunter

as Group Captain Logan

Bryan Forbes

as Pilot Officer Peter Greeno, The Brat

Walter Fitzgerald

as Dr. Mulvaney, Group Medical Officer

Bill Kerr

as Flight Lieutenant Bill Brown

William Sylvester

as "Mac" Baker

Anne Leon

as Pam Greeno

Charles Victor

as Dobbie, the Innkeeper

Carl Jaffe

as German General

International Titles

Raiders in the Sky Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 17 February 1953

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