The Lady Without Camelias Trailer

The Lady Without Camelias Trailer (1953)

27 February 1953 Drama 105 mins

A new starlet is discovered and has ups and downs in Italian films.

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Lucia Bosé

as Clara Manni

Andrea Checchi

as Gianni Franchi

Gino Cervi

as Ercolino

Ivan Desny

as Nardo Rusconi

Alain Cuny

as Lodi

Monica Clay

as Simonetta

Anna Carena

as la mère de Clara

Enrico Glori

as le détective


Giovanni Fusco

Original Music Composer

Enzo Serafin

Enzo Serafin Director of Photography

International Titles

Die Große Rolle Trailer

International Releases Dates

Italy 27 February 1953

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