About Mrs. Leslie Trailer

About Mrs. Leslie Trailer (1954)

"...and the man she never quite married" 03 August 1954 Drama, Romance 104 mins

A lonely, unhappy owner of a Beverly Hills boarding house reflects on her lonely, unhappy life and the lonely, unhappy man she once loved. Director Daniel Mann's 1954 drama about lonely, unhappy people stars Shirley Booth, Robert Ryan, Alex Nicol, Marjie Millar, Eileen Janssen, Percy Helton, Ray Teal, Maidie Norman, Mabel Albertson, Ellen Corby, Harry Morgan, James Bell, Virginia Brissac, Laura Elliott, Philip Ober, Nana Bryant and Ian Wolfe.

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Shirley Booth

as Mrs. Vivien Leslie

Robert Ryan

as George Leslie

Marjie Millar

as Nadine Roland

Alex Nicol

as Lan McKay

Sammy White

as Harry Willey

James Bell

as Mr. Herbert Poole

Eilene Janssen

as Pixie Croffman

Philip Ober

as Mort Finley

Harry Morgan

as Fred Blue

Ellen Corby

as Mrs. Croffman

Maidie Norman

as Camilla

Kasey Rogers

as Felice

Nana Bryant

as Mrs. McKay

Ray Teal

as Barney

Ian Wolfe

as Mr. Pope


Daniel Mann


Victor Young

Original Music Composer

Ernest Laszlo

Ernest Laszlo Director of Photography

A. Earl Hedrick

A. Earl Hedrick Art Direction

Hal Pereira

Hal Pereira Art Direction

Sam Comer

Sam Comer Set Decoration

Arthur Krams

Arthur Krams Set Decoration

Edith Head

Edith Head Costume Design

International Releases Dates

United States 03 August 1954

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