...und ewig bleibt die Liebe Trailer

...und ewig bleibt die Liebe Trailer (1954)

12 August 1954 Drama

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Ulla Jacobsson

as Marieke

Ingrid Andree

as Trude Vogelreuther

Magda Schneider

as Mrs. Vogelreuther

Günther Lüders

as Plötz, Verwalter

Lucie Englisch

as Mamsell

Paul Dahlke

as Heinrich Vogelreuther

Hans Quest

as Hasske

Jakob Tiedtke

as Priester

International Releases Dates

Germany 12 August 1954

Production Companies

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In einigen Ländern gesperrt - bitte ggf. Anonym-Proxy nutzen. For centuries the Norwegian Björndal family has been gaining wealth and prestige painstakingly ...

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In einigen Ländern gesperrt - bitte ggf. Anonym-Proxy nutzen. For centuries the Norwegian Björndal family has been gaining wealth and prestige painstakingly ...

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