Yo no creo en los hombres Trailer

Yo no creo en los hombres Trailer (1954)

01 January 1954 Drama 90 mins

Based on the novel by Caridad Bravo Adams.

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Sara Montiel

as María Caridad Robledo

Roberto Cañedo

as Doctor Roberto Pérez

Rebeca Iturbide

as Silvia Ramírez

Rafael Bertrand

as Arturo Ibáñez

Emperatriz Carvajal

as Doña Leonor, madre de Arturo

Dalia Íñiguez

as Esperanza Robledo, madre de María Caridad

Antonio Raxel

as Doctor Herrera

Nicolás Rodríguez

as Padre de Alberto

Beatriz Saavedra

as Mercedes

Julio Taboada

as Alberto

Armando Velasco

as Presidente tribunal

Kitty de Hoyos

as Enfermera


Agustín Jiménez

Agustín Jiménez Director of Photography

Gustavo César Carrión

Original Music Composer

International Releases Dates

Mexico 01 January 1954

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Yo no creo en los hombres full hd movie trailer.

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Rebeca Iturbide fumando.

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Yo no creo en los hombres full hd movie trailer.

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Yo no creo en los hombres full hd movie trailer.

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