Julie Trailer

Julie Trailer (1956)

"Run JULIE Run, Run For Your Life!" 17 October 1956 Thriller 99 mins

A terrified stewardess is stalked by her psychotic estranged husband.

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Doris Day

as Julie Benton

Louis Jourdan

as Lyle Benton

Barry Sullivan

as Cliff Henderson

Frank Lovejoy

as Det. Lt. Pringle

Jack Kelly

as Jack (co-pilot)

Ann Robinson

as Valerie

Barney Phillips

as Doctor on Flight 36

Jack Kruschen

as Det. Mace

John Gallaudet

as Det. Sgt. Cole

Carleton Young

as Airport control tower official

Ed Hinton

as Captain of Flight 36

Harlan Warde

as Det. Pope

Aline Towne

as Denise Martin

Eddie Marr

as Airline Official


Leith Stevens

Original Music Composer

Fred Jackman Jr.

Fred Jackman Jr. Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Brazil 01 January 1957

Portugal 02 January 1957

United States 17 October 1956

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With numbers so astonishingly high during her hey day that she still reigns at the top of the box office charts Doris Day casts such a large shadow she often threatens to eclipse her own

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Esta es la canción nominada a los Oscar de 1956 por la película El diabólico señor Benton (Julie). Música de Leith Stevens; Letra de Tom Adair. Intérprete: Doris Day.

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Julie (1956) Doris Day Dublagem Clássica Telecine

Ótimo suspense que passava nas noites e nas tardes da Globo nos anos 70 e 80.

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