Lille Fridolf Och Jag Trailer

Lille Fridolf Och Jag Trailer (1956)

29 October 1956 Comedy

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Douglas Håge

as Fridolf Olsson

Hjördis Petterson

as Selma Olsson

Lars Ekborg

as Valdemar Palm

Inga Gill

as Margareta "Maggan" Olsson

Jan Molander

as disponent Grillhagen

Siv Ericks

as Else-Kristin Grillhagen

Sigge Fürst

as Öster

Elof Ahrle

as Blom

Nils Hallberg

as Algot Snisvall

Erik Strandmark

as Göransson

Sif Ruud

as Cecilia Skoglund

Marianne Löfgren

as fru Slamse

Carl-Axel Elfving

as herr Bladh

Astrid Bodin

as Anna Bladh

Nina Scenna

as grevinnan Else Rinner af Stolpe


Lennart Landheim

Lennart Landheim Production Manager

Max Wilén

Max Wilén Director of Photography

Sune Waldimir

Original Music Composer

Bibi Lindström

Bibi Lindström Art Direction

Ingrid Wallin

Ingrid Wallin Script Supervisor

Gunnar Lundin

Gunnar Lundin Unit Production Manager

Torsten Bjarre

Torsten Bjarre Title Graphics

International Releases Dates

Sweden 29 October 1956

Production Companies

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