The Sword and the Dragon Trailer

The Sword and the Dragon Trailer (1956)

16 September 1956 Adventure, Fantasy, Family 93 mins

Ilya is a cripple without the use of his legs. When he aids some weary travellers, they surprise him by giving him a potion that restores his legs. He immediately becomes powerful and sets off to prove himself to his King. Doing so, he fights the evil Tugars, a wind demon that looks like a cross between a goblin and The Noid, a zeppelin-like ambassador, and the evil Tugars. Ilya gets framed for a crime he didn't commit, then is freed, then finally dispatches the Tugars and their dragon.

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Boris Andreyev

as Ilya Muromets

Andrei Abrikosov

as Prince Vladimir

Ninel Myshkova

as Vasilisa

Sergei Martinson

as Mishatychka

Mikhail Pugovkin

as Razumets

Sergei Stolyarov

as Aljoscha Popovich


Igor Morozov

Original Music Composer

Yuli Kun

Yuli Kun Director of Photography

Fyodor Provorov

Fyodor Provorov Director of Photography

International Titles

Le Géant de la steppe Trailer

Ilya Muromets Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 16 September 1956

United States 16 November 1960

Production Companies

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