The Ten Commandments Trailer

The Ten Commandments Trailer (1956)

05 October 1956 Drama, History 220 mins

Escaping death, a Hebrew infant is raised in a royal household to become a prince. Upon discovery of his true heritage, Moses embarks on a personal quest to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people.

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W. Wallace Kelley

W. Wallace Kelley Additional Photography

Elmer Bernstein

Original Music Composer

Henry Wilcoxon

Henry Wilcoxon Associate Producer

Loyal Griggs

Loyal Griggs Director of Photography

Bert McKay

Bert McKay Casting

Albert Nozaki

Albert Nozaki Art Direction

International Titles

Os Dez Mandamentos Trailer

Die zehn Gebote Trailer

Les 10 commandements Trailer

Οι Δέκα Εντολές Trailer

I dieci comandamenti (Helston) Trailer

De Tien Geboden Trailer

The Ten Commandments 1956 Part 1 Trailer

The Ten Commandments 1956 Part 2 Trailer

The Ten Commandments Part 1 Trailer

The Ten Commandments Part 2 Trailer

The Ten Commandments (1956) Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 04 January 1957

Germany 17 February 1958

Spain 21 December 1959

United Kingdom 18 November 1957

Netherlands 29 December 2001

Portugal 30 September 1958

United States 05 October 1956

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The Ten Commandments (1956) - Trailer

The life of Moses (Charlton Heston) once favoured in the Pharaoh's (Yul Brynner) household who turned his back on a privileged life to lead his people to freedom.

The Ten Commandments (1956) Trailer

Charlton Heston Yul Brynner Anne Baxter Directed by Cecil B. DeMille November 8 1956.

The Ten Commandments (1956) Trailer

Based upon the HOLY SCRIPTURES and other ancient and modern writings. 'The Ten Commandments' tells the life of Moses once flavored in the Egyptian Pharaoh's household who turns his back

The Ten Commandments - Movie Trailer


The Ten Commandments • Official Trailer • Miniseries Event

The complete miniseries is now available on +Ten+Commandments+Miniseries The Ten Commandments unfolds with all of the spectacle violent

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The 10 Commandments

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