Smiley Gets a Gun Trailer

Smiley Gets a Gun Trailer (1958)

"Everyone who ever was a boy... or ever loved one will do wild over..." 01 May 1958 90 mins

The happy-go-lucky young Smiley gets into more strife as he attempts to prove himself a responsible citizen by helping others - all so he can earn a new gun from Sergeant Flaxman.

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Sybil Thorndike

as Granny McKinley

Chips Rafferty

as Sergeant Flaxman

Keith Calvert

as Smiley Greevins


International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 01 May 1958

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Smiley Gets A Gun (1958).avi

A popular Australian Movie from the 1950's.

SMILEY GETS A GUN!? 1950s Australian Film Bootleg?: Have You Scene It? Special feat. bootleg bill

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Olive watches an old Aust. Film with Chips Rafferty Smiley gets a gun.

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