Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case Trailer

Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case Trailer (1959)

02 September 1959 Mystery 101 mins

Inspector Maigret is traveling to the French countryside to visit his friend, the duchess of Saint-Fiacre. She has received a letter recently stating that she will die soon. A few days later she does so by an heart attack, but Maigret does not believe in this...

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Jean Gabin

as komisař Jules Maigret

Jean Gabin

as Le commissaire Jules Maigret

Michel Auclair

as Maurice de Saint-Fiacre

Valentine Tessier

as La comtesse de Saint-Fiacre

Jacques Morel

as Maître Mauléon

Robert Hirsch

as Lucien Sabatier

Paul Frankeur

as le Dr Bouchardon

Michel Vitold

as l'abbé Jodet

International Titles

Maigret en el caso de la condesa Trailer

Maigret ei anna armoa Trailer

Maigret et l'affaire Saint-Fiacre Trailer

El castillo del miedo Trailer

Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 02 September 1959

United States 11 November 1959

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Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case full hd movie trailer.

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