Suddenly, Last Summer Trailer

Suddenly, Last Summer Trailer (1959)

"Suddenly, last summer, Cathy knew she was being used for something evil!" 22 December 1959 Drama, Thriller, Mystery 114 mins

The only son of wealthy widow Violet Venable dies while on vacation with his cousin Catherine. What the girl saw was so horrible that she went insane; now Mrs. Venable wants Catherine lobotomized to cover up the truth.

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Elizabeth Taylor

as Catherine Holly

Katharine Hepburn

as Mrs. Violet Venable

Montgomery Clift

as Dr. Cukrowicz

Albert Dekker

as Dr. Lawrence J. Hockstader

Mercedes McCambridge

as Mrs. Grace Holly

Gary Raymond

as George Holly

Mavis Villiers

as Miss Foxhill

Patricia Marmont

as Nurse Benson

Joan Young

as Sister Felicity

Sheila Robbins

as Dr. Hockstader's Secretary

David Cameron

as Young Blonde Interne

Gore Vidal

as Audience Member at Operation


Sam Spiegel

Sam Spiegel Producer

Malcolm Arnold

Original Music Composer

Buxton Orr

Original Music Composer

Oliver Messel

Oliver Messel Production Design

William Kellner

William Kellner Art Direction

Jack Hildyard

Jack Hildyard Director of Photography

International Titles

De repente en el verano Trailer

Plötzlich im letzten Sommer Trailer

In het heetste van de zomer Trailer

Внезапно, миналото лято Trailer

De Repente, No Último Verão Trailer

De repente, el último verano Trailer

De repente, en el verano Trailer

Plötzlich im letzten Sommer Trailer

Pludselig sidste sommer Trailer

De repente, el último verano Trailer

Äkkiä viime kesänä Trailer

Soudain l'été dernier Trailer

Ξαφνικά, Πέρυσι το Καλοκαίρι Trailer

Xafnika perysi to kalokairi Trailer

Az utolsó nyár Trailer

Hirtelen, múlt nyáron Trailer

Improvvisamente l'estate scorsa Trailer

De repente en el verano Trailer

Plutselig, i fjor sommer Trailer

Nagle, ostatniego lata Trailer

Bruscamente no Verão Passado Trailer

Iznenada, prošlog leta Trailer

Yнeзапно, прошлым летом Trailer

Plötsligt i somras Trailer

Nenadoma lansko poletje Trailer

Bir yaz tatili Trailer

Suddenly, Last Summer Trailer

De repente el verano Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 13 November 2005

Belgium 23 May 1968

Chile 05 August 2015

Germany 10 March 1960

Denmark 11 February 1960

Finland 08 April 1960

France 06 April 2016

Mexico 14 April 1960

Sweden 28 March 1960

Turkey 05 March 1961

United States 22 December 1959

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