Breathless Trailer

Breathless Trailer (1960)

"The film that was banned for 4 years. Why..?" 16 March 1960 Drama, Crime 90 mins

A young car thief kills a policeman and tries to persuade a girl to hide in Italy with him.

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Jean-Paul Belmondo

as Michel Poiccard

Jean-Paul Belmondo

as Michel Poiccard / Laszlo Kovacs

Jean Seberg

as Patricia Franchini

Daniel Boulanger

as Police Inspector Vital

Jean-Pierre Melville

as Parvulesco the Writer

Henri-Jacques Huet

as Antonio Berrutti

Van Doude

as The Journalist

Claude Mansard

as Claudius Mansard

Jean-Luc Godard

as The Snitch

Jean-Luc Godard

as The Informist

Richard Balducci

as Tolmatchoff

Roger Hanin

as Cal Zombach

Liliane Dreyfus

as Liliane / Minouche

Michel Fabre

as Police Inspector #2

André S. Labarthe

as Journalist at Orly


François Truffaut

François Truffaut Original Story

Raoul Coutard

Raoul Coutard Director of Photography

Martial Solal

Original Music Composer

Claude Chabrol

Claude Chabrol Technical Supervisor

International Titles

Sin aliento Trailer

Acossado Trailer

穷途末路 Trailer

Ausser Atem Trailer

A Bout de Souffle Trailer

斷了氣 Trailer

Breathless Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 05 September 1966

France 16 March 1960

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