Circus of Horrors Trailer

Circus of Horrors Trailer (1960)

"Spectacular Towering Terror! One man's lust...made men into beasts, stripped women of their souls!" 01 April 1960 Horror 92 mins

A plastic surgeon and his nurse join a bizarre circus to escape from the police. Here he befriends deformed women and transforms them for his "Temple of Beauty". However, when they threaten to leave, they meet with mysterious accidents.

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Anton Diffring

as Dr. Schuler

Erika Remberg

as Elissa Caro

Yvonne Monlaur

as Nicole Vanet

Jane Hylton

as Angela

Conrad Phillips

as Inspector Arthur Ames

Jack Gwillim

as Supt. Andrews

Vanda Hudson

as Magda von Meck

Yvonne Romain

as Melina

Colette Wilde

as Evelyn Morley

William Mervyn

as Dr. Morley

Peter Swanwick

as Inspector Knopf

Carla Challoner

as Nicole (as a Child)

Kenny Baker

as Dwarf

Walter Gotell

as Baron Von Gruber


Douglas Slocombe

Douglas Slocombe Director of Photography

Norman Priggen

Norman Priggen Associate Producer

Muir Mathieson

Original Music Composer

Franz Reizenstein

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Le Cirque des horreurs Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 11 August 1960

United Kingdom 01 April 1960

United States 31 August 1960

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Circus of Horrors (1960) trailer

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Circus of Horrors (Der Rote Schatten) (Sidney Hayers Reino Unido 1960) - Original Trailer

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Circus of Horrors 1960

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