Splendor in the Grass Trailer

Splendor in the Grass Trailer (1961)

"There is a miracle in being young...and a fear." 10 October 1961 Drama, Romance 124 mins

A fragile Kansas girl's unrequited and forbidden love for a handsome young man from the town's most powerful family drives her to heartbreak and madness.

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Natalie Wood

as Wilma Dean 'Deanie' Loomis

Warren Beatty

as Arthur 'Bud' Stamper

Warren Beatty

as Bud Stamper

Pat Hingle

as Ace Stamper

Audrey Christie

as Mrs. Loomis

Audrey Christie

as Mrs. Frieda Loomis

Barbara Loden

as Virginia 'Ginny' Stamper

Barbara Loden

as Ginny Stamper

Zohra Lampert

as Angelina

Fred Stewart

as Del Loomis

Gary Lockwood

as Allen 'Toots' Tuttle

Joanna Roos

as Mrs. Stamper

John McGovern

as Doc Smiley

Jan Norris

as Juanita Howard

Martine Bartlett

as Miss Metcalf


Elia Kazan


Elia Kazan

Elia Kazan Producer

David Amram

Original Music Composer

Boris Kaufman

Boris Kaufman Director of Photography

Richard Sylbert

Richard Sylbert Production Design

Gene Callahan

Gene Callahan Set Decoration

Anna Hill Johnstone

Anna Hill Johnstone Costume Design

International Titles

Esplendor en la hierba Trailer

La Fièvre dans le sang Trailer

초원의 빛 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 10 October 1961

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Splendor in the Grass full hd movie trailer.

Splendor in the Grass - Full Movie

Splendor in the Grass 1961.

Esplendor en la Hierba..SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS

La historia de un amor imposible entre Deanie Loomis una chica corriente y Bud Stamper hijo de un magnate del petróleo con la Depresión de los años 30 ...

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