The End of Summer Trailer

The End of Summer Trailer (1961)

29 October 1961 Drama 103 mins

The Kohayakawa family is thrown into distress when childlike father Manbei takes up with his old mistress, in one of Ozu’s most deftly modulated blendings of comedy and tragedy.

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Ganjiro Nakamura

as Kohayagawa Banpei

Yôko Tsukasa

as Noriko, second daughter

Michiyo Aratama

as Fumiko, eldest daughter

Keiju Kobayashi

as Hisao, Fumiko's husband

Masahiko Shimazu

as Masao, thier son

Hisaya Morishige

as Isomura Eiichirou

Chieko Naniwa

as Sasaki Tsune

Reiko Dan

as Yuriko, her daughter

Haruko Sugimura

as Katou Shige

Daisuke Katô

as Kitagawa Yanosuke

Haruko Tôgô

as Kitagawa Teruko

Yumi Shirakawa

as Nakanishi Takako

Akira Takarada

as Teramoto Tadashi

Kyû Sazanka

as Yamaguchi, chief clerk

Yû Fujiki

as Maruyama Rokutarou


Toshirô Mayuzumi

Original Music Composer

Asakazu Nakai

Asakazu Nakai Cinematography

Asakazu Nakai

Asakazu Nakai Director of Photography

International Titles

El otoño de la familia Kohayagawa Trailer

Kohayagawa-ke no aki Trailer

Autumn for the Kohayagawa family Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 29 October 1961

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The End of Summer (1961)

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